About Scott Currie

Scott Currie is a PGA Golf Professional - In 2000 I started working with Scott on PGA Systems the plan being we define web standards for golf professionals - That was my plan not Scotts, we used to talk a lot about business but we no longer do. We had a friend called Andy Wilson from Withington Golf Club that had a vision for a Musical Legacy.

Later this week PGA Systems will create A Musical Legacy so watch this space.

We  created Protopage for Scott but he did not like it - he did like Wix when we pointed that one out as being part of our SSNA  Strategy - Structured Social Networking Applications.


Anyway - I am not spending too much effort on this site - it is just to test Webador SEO.

Sadly for this site i can not find SEL - I went to setting and managed to switch into Mobile phone editing and can not get out of it - I am by no means an expert on Webador - I have managed to achieve what I have wanted to do in the past. 

It is so easy - this site has taken about 20 minutes to set up - try it yourself. (And  Create a Protopage Active - That is even easier).